Readers ask: What Food Is Bad Luck On Vietnamese New Years?


What do Vietnamese eat on New Years?

During Tet, people from across the country often go for a frugal and hot bowl of vegetables soup with pork skin. The vegetables selection often includes broccolis, cauliflowers, carrots, mushrooms and peas, added with young shrimps and some meatballs. The broth is slightly sweetened with braised meat bones.

What do you give for Vietnamese New Year?

The popular presents are cookies, chocolates, fruit baskets, wine, soft drinks or other kinds of treats. Usually, people can buy a pack of gifts in the shops which includes many different kinds of food. If you have a Vietnamese business partner, take this opportunity to enhance the relationships.

What should we not do on Tet?

I. Don’ts During Tet in Vietnam

  • Avoid entering Vietnamese’ house on the 1st day of Lunar New Year without invitation.
  • Avoid wearing black or white, go for red.
  • Avoid negative topics.
  • Avoid demanding money during Tet.
  • Do not eat duck meat, squids, shrimps during Tet.
  • Don’t take water and fire away from Vietnamese houses.
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What are some Tet superstitions?

An Illustrated Guide to Tet Superstitions

  • Be careful not to break anything because it symbolizes damage or loss, possibly to family or societal ties.
  • Don’t hold funerals during the first three days of Tet.
  • Avoid wearing white or black.
  • Don’t swear or fight.
  • Don’t give away water or fire.

What is the most famous Vietnamese food?

Pho might be Vietnam’s most famous dish but bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in the capital.

What do Vietnamese eat for Christmas?

The Christians in Vietnam attend a Midnight mass on Christmas Eve and return home to a sumptuous Christmas dinner. The Christmas dinner usually consists of chicken soup while wealthier people eat turkey and Christmas pudding.

What is a good gift for a Vietnamese family?

Here are 8 ideal gift ideas for your friends & family back home.

  • Vietnamese Coffee Filter. Ahh…
  • Stunning Cambodian Coconut Bowls.
  • Vietnamese Jade.
  • Cambodian Handmade Beauty Products.
  • Vietnamese Cinnamon Box.
  • Hand-Painted Art from Cambodia.
  • Vietnamese Incense.
  • Rice Wine.

What is a traditional Vietnamese gift?

Popular gifts include infant formulas, products from salangane nests, ginseng products, fruits, etc. Healthy foods such as infant formulas are good gifts when you visit patients in hospitals in Vietnam. Traditionally, Vietnamese people usually make traditional cakes and desserts on free days.

What do you buy a Vietnamese girl?

Best Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend Buying Guide

  • Gift #1: Lotion and Body Cream From Abroad.
  • Gift #2 Stuffed Animals.
  • Gift #4: Bracelets.
  • Gift #5: Essential Oils.
  • Gift #6: Long Distance Relationship Pillowcases.
  • Gift #7: Food and Snacks From Abroad.
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What should you do on Tet?

What Should Do during Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

  • Pay all the Debts before Tet.
  • Clean & Decorate House.
  • Shop New Clothes.
  • Lucky Money – “Lì xì”
  • Take & Give Presents.
  • Say Bad Words.
  • Sweep House.
  • Wear Black or White Clothes.

Why is Tet important?

What is Tet Festival? The full name for Tet is Tet Nguyen Dan. It is the most important and widely celebrated public festival of the year in Vietnam. It is the occasion for Vietnamese to express their respects for ancestors as well as welcoming the lunar New Year with family members.

What should I give my parents for Tet?

Top meaningful Tet gifts for parents on both sides

  • Plants play Tet. Tet can be seen as a time marking the transformation of everything.
  • A spring trip for the whole family. Giving parents a short trip with full family members is also a good idea for Tet gifts.
  • Clothes and accessories.
  • Tea and confectionery.

What number is bad luck in Vietnamese?

“Today is the 17th of the Lunar Calendar; seven is an unlucky number so this is an unlucky day!”

Why is 8 a lucky number in Vietnam?

In Vietnamese culture, numbers like 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 are thought of as lucky numbers. Particularly number 8, because the Chinese pronunciation of it sounds like the word “Phat” in meaning “wealth, prosperity”.

What is bad luck in Vietnam?

Pregnant women are not supposed to attend weddings as they are seen as ‘bad luck’ for the newly married couple; a pregnant woman should not attend funerals lest her child be a ‘cry-baby’; she should not step over a hammock or her baby will be ‘lazy’; and she must avoid temples and pagodas to avoid angering the spirits

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