Often asked: What Cocktails With Vietnamese Food?


What drinks go with Vietnamese food?

When it comes to some good all-round wine options for pairing with Vietnamese food, think of light-bodied wine styles that won’t dominate the rich flavours, but will enhance the citrus and spice with their similar notes. Wines such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Sauvignon Blanc all fit the bill.

What do Vietnamese drink alcohol?

Most local people drink watery beer or strong local alcoholic drinks, similar to Mekong whiskey, made from sugar cane or rice. Popular brands of beer include 333, Saigon Export, Saigon Lager, Castel, Huda and Halida. Local brands tend be flat and more watery than the national brands.

What drink goes well with banh mi?

Banh Mi. Wine -wise, pour yourself a glass of dry Riesling, a bright pinot noir, a just-a-touch acidic frappato rippling or a light, refreshing pale red wine. For beer, keep it on the lighter, crisper side. A Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen or something similar would be great.

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What drinks go with pho?

The foolproof pairing for phở of any kind is rosé Dry rosé, sparkling or still, pairs with beef, chicken or tofu, so it’s the perfect option for phở when eating out in a group. Rosé has the perfect zip to complement the salty, sweet, earthy blend found in your bowl.

What is the most famous food in Vietnam?

Pho might be Vietnam’s most famous dish but bun cha is the top choice when it comes to lunchtime in the capital. Just look for the clouds of meaty smoke after 11 a.m. when street-side restaurants start grilling up small patties of seasoned pork and slices of marinated pork belly over a charcoal fire.

What alcohol is popular in Vietnam?

Rice wine, which clocks in at around 29.5% alcohol, is the traditional masculine tipple and drinking it is a social activity (a very social activity). Groups of friends will gather to drink rice wine out of a communal shot glass or two.

Why do Vietnamese sit on floor?

Sitting and eating at the same level was done with friends and families. Sometimes, when a guest or someone of higher status visited, they would sit on the platform while everyone else sat on the floor. Short tables were also used by the aristocrats, mostly for teas and snacks between people.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a conservative country, so it’s important to dress conservatively while traveling around the country. The dress code is a little more relaxed in major cities, but don’t wear short-shorts, low-cut tops or revealling dresses to the local fish market.

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Is alcohol cheap in Vietnam?

Spirits in Vietnam are fairly cheap, with local moonshine available for less than 20,000 dong per bottle and most imported spirits available for 50,000 to 150,000 per glass in bars.

What wine goes well with spring rolls?

Wine Pairings For egg rolls, spring rolls, and other fried favorites, a sparkling wine like Cava is a great choice. The bubbles cut through the fat of fried foods. Not a fan of bubbly? You can also go with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

What alcohol goes with pastrami?

Brown’s is the classic pastrami pairing, and you will never hear me say one bad word about Cel-Ray, but Chilean Carménère is a wine that’s built to match with America’s most famous pastrami. Carménère is the forgotten grape of Bordeaux.

What wine goes with a BLT sandwich?

If you want to enjoy a red wine with your BLT, I recommend an inexpensive Pinot Noir from California, made in a light, delicate style. Coppola Votre Santé Pinot Noir ($14) is a perfect choice. A dry rosé makes a great match, too, and there are now dozens available.

What beer goes well with pho?

Try pairing with a gose beer. Gose is a traditional German style sour beer typically brewed with coriander and salt. We recommend Victory’s Kirsch Gose (4.8% ABV). The sharp and sweet burst of tangy cherry aroma and flavor along with it’s light and effervescent body pair perfectly with this Vietnamese classic.

Does sake go with pho?

The chef believes that despite its Japanese provenance, sake fits in seamlessly with Vietnamese flavors. His caviar pho is prepared in a savory, indulgent sake broth.

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What wine goes with pho?

The Wine Pairing The heat from the Jalapeños and the fresh herbs used to garnish pho would typically work best with a white wine, like a snappy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. And yet, this dish also has as its base a rich beef broth and a rare steak component, flavors that align best with red wines.

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