Often asked: What Beer Goes With Vietnamese Food?


What alcohol goes with Vietnamese food?

When it comes to some good all-round wine options for pairing with Vietnamese food, think of light-bodied wine styles that won’t dominate the rich flavours, but will enhance the citrus and spice with their similar notes. Wines such as Riesling, Grüner Veltliner and Sauvignon Blanc all fit the bill.

What beer goes with pho?

Try pairing with a gose beer. Gose is a traditional German style sour beer typically brewed with coriander and salt. We recommend Victory’s Kirsch Gose (4.8% ABV). The sharp and sweet burst of tangy cherry aroma and flavor along with it’s light and effervescent body pair perfectly with this Vietnamese classic.

What is the most popular beer in Vietnam?

Bia Hanoi Source It is the most popular beer in Vietnam. This beer is brewed and served fresh and has a nice and crisp taste.

What beer goes with Mediterranean food?

Light lagers are a good choice if you’re on a diet since they are usually lower in calories. Pair these lagers with a Greek meze plate that features hummus and pita bread, succulent Greek olives and light finger foods like fried shrimp.

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What goes well with Vietnamese food?

The Best Wine for Vietnamese Food Pairings That You Need to Know

  1. Riesling. Most Riesling variations give off a hint of sweetness that will not clash with the spiciness of Vietnamese dishes, and that is why it is a great option.
  2. Pinot Noir.
  3. Sauvignon Blanc.
  4. Lambrusco.
  5. Torrontés.
  6. Txakoli.
  7. Savignon Rosso.
  8. Grenache.

What do you drink pho with?

The foolproof pairing for phở of any kind is rosé Dry rosé, sparkling or still, pairs with beef, chicken or tofu, so it’s the perfect option for phở when eating out in a group. Rosé has the perfect zip to complement the salty, sweet, earthy blend found in your bowl.

Is alcohol cheap in Vietnam?

Spirits in Vietnam are fairly cheap, with local moonshine available for less than 20,000 dong per bottle and most imported spirits available for 50,000 to 150,000 per glass in bars.

What do Vietnamese drink?

From sugar cane juice to local beers and artisan rice wine, here is our list of drinks to try in Vietnam:

  • Sinh to (fruit smoothie)
  • Fresh coconut juice.
  • Nuoc mia (sugar cane juice)
  • Soda chanh (lime soda)
  • Bia (beer)
  • Ruou can (rice wine)
  • Water.

What beer goes best with Greek food?

A full-bodied red ale with citrus hops and a crisp flavor. Pair with: Moussaka, made with spiced ground lamb and beef, potato, eggplant, pepper, and yogurt béchamel. Strong flavors from meat dishes tend to overwhelm light beers, which is why you need a complex, heavier brew, such as a red ale to balance out the meal.

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Is hummus good with beer?

Hummus is one of the most diverse food products out there. It can be used as a spread in a Homemade Pita Beer Bread, on any sandwich, as a dip for a crudité, or as a side dish with baba ganoush. It is rich in fiber, lots o nutrient-rich ingredients, full of flavor and versatile in how it can be seasoned.

What drink goes best with falafel?

Falafel. The next time you have Falafel, try it with fruity whites with roundness such as Grenache Blanc or Viognier and refreshing whites like Sauvignon Blanc.

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